Friday, 25 September 2020

the Poetic Graphics: the wind hidden in the breath


Today I want to show you another graphic from the cycle "the Poetic Graphics". A graphic with a poem I've written between the March and the April (original version is THERE). It happened because of my quite casual thoughts about the wind and breath.

the Poetic Graphics: the wind hidden in the breath, graphic.

And below you could have a look on the background I've created for this "windy" poem.

reflection, graphic.

Have a Nice Day!

🎵 Florence and the Machine - Breath of Life

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

4 in 4: Once upon a time on the beach


Here comes new comic strip of cycle "the Four Seasons in Four Frames"! I'm publishing this a bit late because of many variants concerning one idea.

I've imagined this kind of situation: a child is playing on the beach, wind "takes" something from him and a Summer returns this thing to this particular child. 

Finally - through asking yourself about various details, I developed a story with addition of a straw hat (definitely too much "One Piece"), a stone and a cat built from a sand (well, it doesn't need to be a sandcastle, does it?).

 And Once upon a time on the beach is special in some way... It's the first time when comic strip from cycle "4 in 4" doesn't contain bubbles! 💬 Frankly, I wanted to make this one without a speech balloon from the very first!

4 in 4: Once upon a time on the beach, no. 4, crayons and pen on a paper.

Please, let me know if you like it. 

Feel free to share your own ideas or visions of Four Seasons in comments.

Have a Nice Day!

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Introduction to the Poetic Graphics


     In the beginning of this year I created an account on Pinterest (it took some time to encourage myself to do this). There I left some of my works plus something I haven't published on my a-r-tistic blog yet. And I mean a short cycle consisted of five graphics (so far) with english versions of my poems. 

      Today I'm gonna show you one of them.

the Poetic Graphics: dark humour, graphic.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Lady in the cloud of smoke


     Lately my interest in japanese culture increased much more than ever. A portrait which I'll present in today's post is an evidence of this. Well, just look at this smoking lady.

in the cloud of smoke, crayons on a brown paper, 18 x 12,9 cm.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

an Arctic Fox found something new


After my long absence I'm leaving here a work with a snowy theme. Well, it's so hot nowadays so it wouldn't hurt to show you a drawing of an arctic fox which is curiously gazing at Galanthus Nivalis (yup, I drew "the trailers of the Spring" again). 

something new, pens and pencil on paper, 26 x 19,8 cm.

Firstly I intended to make only black and white picture. Then I decided to left green accents in Galanthus Nivalis and conifers in the background.

And that's all. You could also see a first sketch below.

I wish You all lots of health and strength!
Have a Nice Day!