Friday, 30 April 2021

Samurai whose eyes are aiming at the cherry blossom

 Hello! 🌸

   So, this rare opportunity, which is an image of a man on my blog, has come. For this particular portrayal I chose a samurai. I accepted this challenge with a pleasure (lately One Piece increased my interest in japanese culture much more). I went through a huge brainstorm... Firstly I took pastels and made an undermentioned sketch.

To my own surprise this sketch was looking like a response to Sutekina tsuitachi o. There was a young lady sitting under the cherry blossom with an o-choko (a cylindrical cup which is used for drinking sake) in her hand.

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Hanami but it is a collage poem

 Hello! 🌸

   I was wondering for a while where should I present my work - there or on my blue blog with poems (subjects of my blog are interchanging regardless). My hesitation came from usage of polish language in poem's arrangement. Few days ago I was doing some clearing-up in my drawer. I found the old papers, photocopies and flyers. 

   Between them I noticed a printout of my short essay concerning hanami - japanese custom which consists in watching flowers of cherry trees. With the beginning of the Spring, people listen carefully weather forecasts and their full pariculars in the matter of sakura zensen (cherry blossom front which is crossing through islands from South to North). Thanks to those informations people can appropriately prepare for hanami. Then they celebrate a subtle, ephemeral beauty of cherry blossom in the parks, in the palatine gardens or at the cemeteries. The last of the mentioned places actually correspond strongly with a symbolism of gentle flowers, associated with the passing.

   I've decided to cut some words from this essay and arrange a poem.

   Why not?

Thursday, 1 April 2021

the Poetic Graphics: Once upon a time there was an idea


In today's post comes another part of cycle the Poetic Graphics. Below you will find an english version of poem concerning an idea which... Disappeared very quickly... 

Annoyingly enough. 😒

THERE you will find original poem.

the Poetic Graphics: Once upon a time there was an idea, graphic.

As for a background I wanted to use a blue colour and create an effect of gradual fading.

fading, graphic.

That's all.

Have a Nice Day!


I wish You a Happy Easter!


Thursday, 18 March 2021

4 in 4: Snow White


Let me announce you a new comic strip from the cycle "the Four Seasons in Four Frames". This time Winter is the main character.

     In this story our heroine was strolling during the sunset. Then she noticed a black-haired lady which was leaning against a stone wall. This unexpected meeting reminded her of somebody...

    This is the first time when a flashback appeared in "4 in 4" cycle. I thought that the best way to show transition between the present and the past is to make a use of snowflakes.

     The main inspiration for today's comic strip was a fairy tale about Snow White. 

     Below the comic strip you'll find - as always - translation of bubbles.

Monday, 8 March 2021

Lady from medieval times


Lately I was thinking that it would be so nice to draw a lady... But at the beginning I have no idea for this drawing. So I searched through my old notebooks because some of interesting ideas are usually there. Finally I found this particular doodle:

Well, as I can recall this doodle was made in 2019. I don't know why did I draw this lady in beautiful, long gown... And what did inspire me to draw her (it must have been something medieval)?

Anyway return to this doodle resulted in undermentioned drawing:

What do you think about this work?