Friday, 30 September 2022

Monstrosities run through this post


In this post I would like to present another graphic which developed from an old photography.

Photo shows an interesting architectural detail which is visible on the facade of St. Martin's Collegiate Church in Opatów.

I took this photo in 2014.

Back then I focused on this little creature which seems to run somewhere. It resembles a little bit a boar (but it's just my opinion, if you've got any idea what kind of creature is it, please, share with your thoughts).

Be that as it may, I saw a potential in this photo to create a graphic.

Monday, 19 September 2022

4 in 4: the Perseids


Here comes the 12th comic strip from series "the Four Seasons in Four Frames", which is also known as "4 in 4".

This time the plot focuses on Summer.


In the deep night Summer is hanging out with a very curious fox. 

Both of them seemed to be mesmerised by the Perseids. 

As always the translation of the text in the bubbles is available below the comic strip.


First Frame

Summer: Another one! Today we've got sheer meteor shower!

Second Frame

Summer: Happily, there's no full moon today so the perseids are more viewable.

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

a Dragon - part 1


One day I thought that it would be splendid to draw a dragon which doesn't look sillily. This desire was inspired by manga One Piece, and a sculpture of chinese dragon I saw in one of the polish museums. 

So, my aim became a dragon.

This picture shows a Far Eastern Asian Dragon flying above the waterfall.
In this waterfall there are carps koi. This sketch was inspired by the legend about
the Golden Dragon.

Sunday, 28 August 2022

the Wise Man


 Sometimes I find a pleasure in experimenting with photographies and turning them into graphics.

This time I'd like to show a graphic called the Wise Man which was based on an old photography.

the Wise Man, graphic.

As you can see I used contrasting colours which gave quite interesting effect.

The main inspiration was an old photography. It shows a sculpture of an old man which was a part of the pulpit in church. Unfortunately I don't remember which church was that, and in which city of the Lower Silesia this church was located. 

Although I've got a hunch I could have taken this photo in Ziębice.

Mentioned photography which was made on May 2015.

That's all.

What do you think about the Wise Man?

Feel free to share your opinion in comments section.

Have a Nice Day!